Welcome to the web shop.

Not all the nerines you see here on the main  site are for sale. We only have limited numbers each year and those are produced sporadically. As the season progresses so we might add more choice as we will have a better idea of what we have when we have removed the dead leaves and done some more pot splitting.

For the first time grower may we suggest the Starter Collections or the Numbers Collection. For the afficianado the stock system is set up on a first come first served basis and often there is only one bulb available of the best plants....

Price structure is as follows: 5 star £25. 4 star £18.50. 3 star £15, 2 star £12.50, 1 star £8.50, 'Numbered Collections' each bulb costs £7, seedling bulbs are £5 each and both are sold in units of 5 or 10. 

Postage is £1.50 per bulb irrespective and is added at check-out. I'm not sophisticated enough to do it any other way...

Use the tab marked "Main Home Page" to navigate back to the enlargeable photos of the flowers if you want better reference pictures of what you are wishing to purchase.


Also we advise you most strongly to read our terms and conditions. Failure to do so might result in grumpiness, anger or frustration....Anyway you have to agree to these in the check box to allow payment, which is using PayPal.