Terms and conditions of sale:

1. It is hereby understood that nerines.com is not a commercial operation per se. It is solely the website name as used by Nicholas and Lionel de Rothschild who jointly own a private collection of nerine sarniensis. bulbs and lachenalia bulbs offered for sale represent surpluses that are generated from the main collection.
      2. The grading and pricing structures are based purely on the judgement of the owners who have applied, over the years, an arcane system of grading based on personal preferences. See clause 5. If you are unhappy with these gradings and price judgement you can enter into lengthy, but probably, ultimately fruitless, correspondence.
     3. Whilst
nerines.com uses its best endeavours to ensure that the variety of bulb is as described, there is a small (0.05%) chance that the bulb is a seedling interloper, as not all bulbs offered for sale have been verified by flowering. Also note that nerines.com cannot guarantee flowering, as sometimes bulbs do not flower each year. However nerines.com has tried to select flowering sized bulbs for this sales offering. All named bulbs should be similar to the flowers as shown on the website.
     4. Bulbs are only on offer to private collectors, and the purchaser by his/her act of purchase hereby confirms his/her agreement to all the terms and conditions herein. He/she agrees not to replicate or seek commercial gain from any of the material, as purchased, from
     5. The purchaser can swap, exchange or sell excess bulbs from his/her collection to other private collectors, but is hereby expressly forbidden by this agreement to do so to a commercial enterprise. This shall also apply to their heirs and assigns, and in the event of the collector's death or the break-up or giving away of their collection.
     6. These plants are, mostly*, unique and are the Copyright of
nerines.com. All our varieties are registered with the Registrar of Nerines with photographic identification and Nerines.com will vigorously pursue any infringement of the above. In the event of a dispute as to the origins independent laboratory analysis will be used to establish DNA or similar comparisons.
     7. To the best of
nerines.com's endeavours all bulbs allocated for sale will be disease, fungus and virus free. No refunds will be given under normal circumstances (see clause 12) - unless we are unable to meet your order then refunds of undeliverable parts of the order will be made back through PayPal.
     8. Bulbs have been selected on the basis that they are, in the opinion of the sellers, of merchantable quality, there is no acceptable mechanism for proving otherwise, so it is caveat emptor and E&OE.
     9. All the bulbs are offered strictly on a first come first served basis,
nerines.com will accept orders in the time and date order that they appear on the sales@nerines.com address, and on receipt of payment notification. (This clause only applies if the webshop fails to work as it is intended to, ie it should take items off sale once the allocated stock limit is reached.)
     10. All pricing is made in Pounds Sterling. Payments can only be made using PayPal. If PayPal does not operate in your country then e-mail me a.s.a.p. and we will try and sort out another method for payment.
     11. Postage, with packaging costs of £2.00 per bulb is automatically added to all purchases. Bulbs will be sent by First Class post or any other method as deemed appropriate by the seller.
     12. Bulbs are normally sent in a dormant state and are lifted between June and August annually. Orders recieved outside those months are dispatched only at our own discretion and are usually held over until the following year. Please note clause 7 as we will hold your money until then. All bulbs should be planted, if possible- unless you have your own tried and tested mix, in our recommended compost mix: 6 parts John Innes No3, 1 part course grit, 1 part Bulb Fibre, 1 part Clean Sand & (optionally) some dried cow dung. Black or green 1 litre plastic pots are also best for individual bulbs.
     13. Anyone wishing to enter into a commercial arrangement for exploitation of the material should contact
nerines.com directly.
     14. These terms and conditions are issued in accordance with English Law and any disputes arising will be determined in English courts.

* This clause only applies to Exbury/Vico nerines.